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Monday, October 09, 2006

It's been a while

And so things move along.
Not surprising, I suppose, that the more my activities come from the heart of me and what I want to be doing in the world, the more 'out on a limb' it feels. Exposure and all that. Of course, I'm not terribly keen on using that as an excuse, but it's there..."tread softly, for you tread on my dreams" and all that. So, still playing at remaining attached in the sense of knowing that this work comes from me and is what I'm about and so on, without being so attached that it becomes devastating when someone maybe isn't so keen. So, maybe it'll take a lifetime of practice, that one, but at least these days I'm prepared to lay my dreams at people's feet! (Let's hope they washed first).
Thanks, Pippi.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


"One should first establish oneself
in what is proper
then only should one instruct others.
Thus the wise man
will not be reproached.

One should do
what one teaches others to do;
if one would train others,
one should be well controlled oneself.
Difficult indeed, is self control."

By Gumbo, that Buddha was a sharp cookie.

Here's the debate of that one - when does one start? When fully enlightened? Or when just a little bit more or differently enlightened than the people one is working with?!

I don't expect myself to be bang on the money right from the get go, as I know in working with others, there is much to be learned about myself, and what I don't want to teach is how to do stuff wrong and with all the faults I have.

Perhaps it's enough to trust the judgment of the others...

THink think

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Good grief, what was that?

How blessed we are to be alive.
The only thing I keep remembering is that I keep forgetting that.
OHHHH the irony of it.

Is it about you, me or the space? It's all about me, ducky, of course!

How much pain I cause myself just by the way I think. I think things are real, then act as if they are, reinforce what I think is real, those things appear to be that way all the time and then it and I get rigid...particularly across the shoulders and neck.

What if we are the key to peace.

How can things be peaceful if I am not peaceful? If the only thing over which I imagine I have control is me - how about I start building peace from within?

That's my work.

With love


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What is?

There are several things I could be doing.
I feel scattered by these things
House, garden, leadership, the Work, Project, earning a living
are these really different?
How is being scattered really helping?

The space wants simplicity - or is that me - or both of us?
Things may or may not be complex - but simply being with what is makes even complexity simple.
Where is this going?
I suppose

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Can zen come creeping?

If you see the Buddha, kill him - Zen Koan

I am delighted to be bombarded with examples of how reality is an illusion, a fabrication and delusion that separates us from what is. In fact, is my delight just an attachment?

Anyway, reality is an illusion, perception is reality, the very notion of reality is an illusion and takes us away from a moment.

This one

This one





and what takes us way from this moment is that we are reading these letters and thinking we know what they mean. They are pixels, perhaps.

What release to realise that the only thing that gives form to particles is the space between them.

that moment was written in white, between those lines.

Did you mistake the space for emptiness and rush to the next particles?

The most profound book in the world is written in white on a white page.

Oh, this is FUN

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sustainable leadership

What if
leadership is natural?
What if
you being you is your spirit walking?
What if
community is support and challenge?
What if
money is for sustenance?

What if
confusion is spirit's way of telling us to stop thinking
What if
the simpler truth is always there
What if
we remembered to see it

What if
we stop to smell the roses
while they are still here to smell?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

well, here we are

Finally, I'm back!
The office conversion is as done as it's going to be, the computers are moved, the world returns to something like normality and I can find space to be me a little more, rather than a walking/talking plumbing, electrician, decorator, carpet fitting carpenter.
Although it drives me to distraction not having all the right tools and so on, there's something very pleasing about being able to say - there, I did that. Particularly because to get a tradesman to do the work costs a fortune and never ends up how you want it anyway!
Simple pleasures. Oh yes, and the other stuff.

Leadership, hrmm. Wil be rengaging soon.
The new office feels wonderfully renewing.
Times shift.
Things move.